Director: Jon Watts
Cast: Laura Allen, Peter Stormare
Producer: Eli Roth
Writers: Jon Watts, Christopher D. Ford

A Dimension Films Release
June 17, 2016

From the deliciously twisted mind of Eli Roth (Hostel, Hostel 2, The Last Exorcism) comes the story of Jack and his Dad. Jack turns six today. He’s a special birthday boy. Everything is ready for his party, except for one thing. The clown is late.

As the kid’s patience fades so does Jack’s Dad’s sanity. Increasingly desperate, Jack’s Dad goes into the back room, wears the clown costume, puts on the crazy wig, the makeup and the red nose... He’s a hit with the kids and saves the day.

The only problem comes when he tries to remove the costume. It won’t come off. Then he tries to remove the wig, the makeup and the red nose. It’s all stuck. As he tries desperately to tear it off, he realizes it’s the least of his problems... Turns out, this clown is no happy clown. This clown is an angry, homicidal maniac and is taking control of his body.

Admit it, you always thought clowns were creepy. Now you’ve got a very good reason.