FilmNation's Richard Baker Named in Hollywood's New Leaders

Our very own Richard Baker has been named by Variety as one of Hollywood's New Leaders.

We're all very proud of Richard's achievement and it's yet another positive acknowledgment of our excellent executive team.

From the Variety article:

Richard Baker, 39
Exec VP, marketing and distribution, FilmNation Entertainment

Take one self-described nerd, mix marketing expertise gained at the Edinburgh Intl. Film Festival and the Weinstein Co., and hire him at FilmNation to oversee marketing plus distribution on Benedict Cumberbatch starrer “The Imitation Game.” Result? A record $7 million purchase of “Imitation” by TWC at Berlin for the likely Oscar contender. Title aside, Baker is a jack of many trades, having shaped the studio’s brand and art-directed the “Imitation” reel that secured its purchase. He recalls his first boss, an “eccentric chain-smoking old-school theater manager” who “never hid her mistakes.” “It’s OK to ask stupid questions,” he says. “But only once.”

Adam Amengual for Variety

Richard Baker

Richard Baker