i love you too

Director: Daina Reid
Cast: Brendan Cowell, Peter Dinklage, Yvonne Strahovski, Peter Helliar, Megan Gale
Producers: Yael Bergman, Peter Helliar, Joel Pearlman, Greg Sitch, Laura Waters
Writer: Peter Helliar

A Roadshow Films Release
May 6, 2010

Jim (Cowell) and Blake (Helliar) are confirmed bachelors...That is, until Jim meets Alice (Strahovski).

After three blissful years together, Jim's inability to declare his love to Alice threatens to cost him the best thing he ever had. Just as Blake hopes Jim and Alice's break-up means he can finally get his best mate back, Jim is befriended by a wise, talented, and vertically challenged photographer Charlie (Dinklage) who helps Jim find the answers about the meaning of relationships, the importance of friendship, and having the courage to pursue the one you love.

In this loved-up, mixed-up comedy - two is company, four is a crowd, and saying "I Love You Too" is the hardest thing to say of all.