Laura Harrier Joins Nicolas Cage, Bill Skarsgård In Thriller Sequel ‘Lords Of War’

February 22, 2024

Laura Harrier, known for her role in "White Men Can't Jump," is set to play a significant character alongside Bill Skarsgård and Nicolas Cage in "Lords of War," the sequel to the 2005 crime thriller "Lord of War." The film is written and directed by Andrew Niccol for Vendôme Pictures, according to sources from Deadline.

"Lords of War" continues the narrative of Yuri Orlov (Cage), the infamous arms dealer, as he discovers he has a son named Anton (Skarsgård). However, Anton isn't on a mission to rectify his father's misdeeds; instead, he aims to surpass them. Anton ventures into not only selling weapons but also recruiting "trigger pullers" to assemble a mercenary army for conflicts in the Middle East involving America. The film revolves around the bitter rivalry between Yuri and Anton, who find themselves in conflict not only over their shared business but also a woman. The central question becomes: who will emerge victorious when father and son engage in a war of their own?

Details regarding Laura Harrier's role in the film are currently undisclosed.

The sequel is produced by Philippe Rousselet and Fabrice Gianfermi under their Vendôme Pictures banner, along with Nicolas Cage for Saturn Films. Bill Skarsgård serves as an executive producer. FilmNation Entertainment is handling international sales, while CAA Media Finance is overseeing domestic distribution.

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