'Novocaine' and 'The Process' Included In The Hollywood Reporter's AFM Hot List

October 30, 2023

The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual hot list of the top AFM projects includes new sci-fi features from Brad Anderson and Alex Garland, dramas with Olivia Colman, Dev Patel, Halle Berry and Geena Davis, and plenty of movies with those tried-and-true AFM staples: Sharks, demons and zombies. Here is a closer look at FilmNation projects 'Novocaine' and 'The Process'.



DIRECTORS Dan Berk, Robert Olsen

STARS Jack Quaid

BUZZ The Boys star Jack Quaid heads up his own potential action franchise in this high-octane thriller from FilmNation’s production startup Infrared, playing a mild-mannered introvert born with a rare genetic disorder that makes him impervious to physical pain. When his new beau is taken hostage in a bank robbery, his affliction becomes his superpower. With a SAG-AFTRA interim agreement in place, Novocaine is set to begin shooting in the first quarter of 2024.

SALES FilmNation Entertainment, CAA Media Finance, UTA Independent Film Group


The Process


STARS Halle Berry

BUZZ Berry’s directorial debut, Bruised, was a big seller at TIFF 2020, netting a $20 million Netflix deal. This psychological thriller, which Berry will also produce, sees the Monster Ball Oscar winner playing a woman fighting to save her marriage and keep her sanity when she finds herself trapped in a weekend self-help seminar run by a dangerous cult-like leader.

SALES FilmNation Entertainment, Verve Ventures, WME Independent