‘Snafu With Ed Helms’ Podcast Renewed For A Second And Third Season

November 02, 2023

Snafu With Ed Helms, the iHeartPodcast hosted by Helms about history’s greatest screwups, has been renewed for a second and third season. The podcast is a production of iHeartPodcasts, FilmNation Entertainment & Pacific Electric Picture Co. in association with Gilded Audio. The second season is produced by Alyssa Martino and Tory Smith for FilmNation, and produced and written by Sara Joyner, Stephen Wood, and Albert Chen for Gilded Audio.

Executive producers for the second season are Helms and Mike Falbo for Pacific Electric Picture Co.; Milan Popelka for FilmNation Entertainment; Andy Chugg and Whitney Donaldson for Gilded Audio; Dylan Fagan for iHeartPodcasts; and Betty Medsger, author of The Burglary.

Hosted and executive produced by Helms, the podcast recently won two Signal Awards: a Gold Award for Best History Podcast and a Silver Award for Best Writing, both in the category of Limited Series & Specials. This year it was also nominated for Best History Podcast for the 2023 Ambie Awards and was an honoree for documentary podcast at the 2023 Webby Awards. The first season, which has amassed over one million downloads, told the extraordinary and little-known story of Able Archer 83, the NATO military exercise that almost caused a nuclear war in November of 1983.

The second high-stakes season will be based on the book The Burglary by journalist Medsger, telling the incredible story of the burglary that revealed J. Edgar Hoover’s secret FBI. It’s the tale of the eight peace activists who took on the most powerful agency in America: stealing secret documents, evading capture, and uncovering the Bureau’s most explosive and damning secrets. This seminal moment in history still resonates today through timely themes like surveillance, privacy, and the power of civil disobedience.

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