Vanity Fair Gives First Look: The Crow Flies Again With Bill Skarsgård and FKA Twigs

February 28, 2024

Bill Skarsgård, widely recognized for his portrayal of Pennywise in the recent "It" films, is poised to showcase a different side of his acting prowess in director Rupert Sanders's upcoming adaptation of "The Crow." The Swedish actor, as reported by Vanity Fair, steps into the role of Eric Draven, a goth rocker seeking vengeance after he and his lover, Shelly (played by FKA Twigs), are brutally murdered by the demons from Shelly's past.

Sanders, known for his work on "Snow White and the Huntsman" and "Ghost in the Shell," was drawn to the project for its potential to explore dark romance, delving into themes of loss, grief, and the delicate boundary between life and death. Describing the film as a "Cure song—the beauty of melancholy," Sanders acknowledges his affinity for the emotional and atmospheric.

As "The Crow" approaches its June 7 release date, the conversation naturally gravitates toward the 1994 version starring Brandon Lee. The tragic incident on the set, resulting in Lee's accidental death during a firearms stunt, remains etched in Hollywood history. Sanders acknowledges the original film's legacy but emphasizes that his adaptation is a fresh take on James O'Barr's source material. Despite being a different interpretation, Sanders sees it as a tribute to Lee's memory, considering him an original voice synonymous with "The Crow."

Unlike the 1994 version, Sanders opts for a more balanced narrative, providing viewers with a deeper connection to Eric and Shelly before their untimely demise. This approach aims to make Eric's quest for vengeance more emotionally resonant, exploring the complexities of the couple's relationship.

Addressing concerns about the onscreen chemistry between Skarsgård and Twigs, Sanders dismisses worries, recounting their initial meeting in Prague. The director, likening himself to a nervous parent, observed the two actors' dynamic and found them immediately engaging and committed to their roles.

Skarsgård's transformation into the Crow involves a chiseled and menacingly inked-up appearance, with Sanders drawing inspiration not only from O'Barr's graphic novel but also from the actor's own life. Describing Skarsgård's disturbing yet captivating beauty, Sanders notes influences from his experiences in the '90s London rave scene, combined with modern inspirations like Post Malone and Lil Peep. The director hopes this portrayal resonates with today's youth, capturing the essence of transformation and the realization that challenges lie ahead.

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