Seeking Justice

Director: Roger Donaldson

Writers: Todd Hickey, Robert Tannen

Cast: Nicolas Cage, January Jones, Guy Pearce, Harold Perrineau, Jennifer Carpenter, Xander Berkeley

Will Gerard (Cage) is a dedicated, inner-city high school English teacher, happily married to an accomplished musician, Laura (Jones). They enjoy a comfortable domestic life built around orchestral concerts, backyard BBQs and Will’s favorite pastime, chess matches with his school’s principal (Perrineau).

One horrific night shatters their lives. While departing a studio rehearsal, Laura is victimized by a brutal sexual assault. Anxiously awaiting an update on her condition at the hospital, Will is approached by a well-dressed man (Pearce) who quietly offers to dispense immediate justice and spare the couple the ordeal of an emotionally painful trial. Required to make a spontaneous decision in a distraught frame of mind, he accepts the proposal, and is pulled into an underground vigilante organization that leads to increasingly frightening and dangerous consequences.