Michael Keaton Thriller ‘Knox Goes Away’ Sets Release Date With Saban Films

February 01, 2024

Saban Films has officially announced the U.S. release date for "Knox Goes Away," a gripping thriller that marks Michael Keaton's second directorial venture. Keaton not only directs but also stars alongside a stellar cast including Al Pacino, James Marsden, Marcia Gay Harden, and more. The film is set to premiere exclusively in theaters nationwide on March 15, following its debut at the Toronto Film Festival last year.

Penned by Gregory Poirier, known for his work on "National Treasure: Book of Secrets," "Knox Goes Away" follows the story of John Knox, portrayed by Michael Keaton, a hitman seeking redemption before succumbing to his recently discovered dementia. Teaming up with a loyal friend played by Al Pacino, who harbors his own murky past, Knox races against time, both against the pursuing police and his own deteriorating mental faculties. His mission is to save his estranged son, portrayed by James Marsden, from a potentially tragic mistake fueled by vengeance and to "cash out" before it's too late.

The ensemble cast also features Suzy Nakamura, John Hoogenakker, Joanna Kulig, Ray McKinnon, and Lela Loren. Producers include Trevor Matthews and Nick Gordon from Brookstreet, as well as Michael Sugar and Ashley Zalta from Sugar23. Executive producers include Jonathan Saba, Carter Stanton, Jillian Kay, Nick Blasko, Wayne Carmona, David Gendron, Michael Hansen, Nate Holthouser, Andy Huang, Ali Jazayeri, Scott Lake, Eric London, Donald Povieng, Dina Randazzo, Ronald Richardson, and Viviana Zarragoitia. International rights for the film are being managed by FilmNation Entertainment.

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